What PES Need To Kick It For Real

What PES Need To Kick It For Real

Postby quatro » Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:44 am

KONAMI please lesten to me this time :(

what pes need to kick it for real

Ability to change the commentary language (separately from Main list language ) .

Ability to rewind the training moment by pressing ( L1 + SELECT ) an old pes pride but its is lost now.

Have real names and similar faces and abilities of the old retired footballers NOT ALWAYS FAKE. we love our old shining STARS that made us FOTBALL LOVERS.

Demanding new pack under the : downloadable content ( which will make it very easy for any one to download his favorite choice as a package among a variety of downloadable content such as ( foreign leagues , players , championships , commentators , atmospheres , themes , old teams , etc . ).

We need live and crazy stimulating atmospheres in the stadium, more stuff to show between the scene, and before the match like helicopter live broadcasting and players room.

Need to have the old 9 degree adjustable camera.

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Bader Khaldi
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Re: What PES Need To Kick It For Real

Postby shneevais » Wed Sep 04, 2013 5:28 pm

*You hire scouts and sending them in different countries to find young talents.When the scouts give you list mothly with youths they will send you basic info about the young players. If you want more info, you mark the youngs that you want them to continue scouting.

*When you have the minimum players for example 16 then you can form a team and participate in competitions for youths.

*If you start with small team you will have stadium with small capacity, and you can develop the stadium when you reconstruct the different parts of the stadium so you can have seats for the fans.
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