Online Competition Mode PES 2015

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Online Competition Mode PES 2015

Postby L1bra » Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:43 pm

First of all hi...

also if there is a similar thread to this, then redirect me to it please

So had this game for just over a month now and kind of enjoying it, takes a while to appreciate it's full complexity.

So online competition, the mode where you play a series of games to try and achieve a higher points total than the other players who are also entered into the competion. You have 1 hour to play and your 3 best results determine your final standing with the top 16 progressing. Usually 200 players out of apossible 500 entry limit are competing. Goals for and against come in to play too, apparently, I say apparently, because since I have just started playing this mode none of the above seem to work out the way konami states. There math is either horrendous or it's abug they need to fix, for instance...

16th finishes with 2 wins 1 loss. I finish with 4 matches completed, 3 wins 1 draw and all within the time allotted, 5 minutes to spare actually. My final place 55th. The other day I played 3 games, 3 wins 2-0 1-0 3-0...101st place. Many above me having either 0pts 3pts 7pts. So yeah what is this all about?
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