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The New (again) Kitana Media Network

Welcome to the new Kitana Media Network¬† – it’s been a couple of years since the network of sites were launched, and while they’ve served us well, it’s time for some new design, new tech, and hopefully more great content.

As you can see the new design spaces things out a bit, and gives that great content room to breathe, but the main shift for this re-design is that the sites are now “responsive”. What’s that? You don’t keep up with the cutting edge of web design? What’s a “responsive” site you ask? It’s pretty simple – the site(s) work across lots of devices now, you iPhone, iPad, desktop, laptop, they all get served the same site under the hood, and are just formatted differently. You’ll never miss some piece of news because the “mobile” site hasn’t been updated – it’s all the same thing.

We’ve also moved to a brand new server – the old VPS was great once we got it to the point we needed, but it was always massively overpowered for our needs – so we’ve moved to a pretty exclusive hosting deal thanks to’s lead tech head, Kornel. Massive thanks to him for his tehc wizardry.

Commenting should also be a bit easier – we’ve moved to Disqus to power our comments, so you can sign in with your Twitter / Facebook / Google profile, and keep track of replies and mentions much easier – it should foster a bit more of a community if you can comment easier across all the sites with the same profile.

You’ll also notice some new ads on the sites – these are less in our control (and thus take less time out of our day) now, but the upside is that they bring in the revenue that’s needed to run the site and offer competitions. We didn’t want to bog the sites down with ads all over the place, so you’ll only ever see 3 per page at most (and sometimes a background takeover). Please turn adblock off for the Kitana sites if you can help it.

Hopefully the number of bugs can be counted on one hand, but please bear with with for the first week of so while we iron out any bugs – with any new tech (both front-end design and back-end hardware) there’s bound to be a couple of hiccups, but we’ll fix them as soon as we can.

Enjoy it!

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