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The Emperor’s New Clothes

If you’re reading this, then we’ve successfully launched the new style and hosting platform for Kitana Media Network, covering Winning Eleven Next-Gen Blog, FIFA Soccer Blog, and the new kid on the block, PlayStation Gaming Blog.

Primarily this means a new style for all the sites, and a new hosting platform powered by VPS.NET – this has hopefully a lot redundancy built in, so as well as being more powerful than our previous dedicated server, it means that we can anticipate and schedule bursts of power, so we don’t suffer any downtime when news comes out hot and fast. That’s the plan anyway.

The new style is a move on from the last one – it’s more open, and hopefully gives a fresher feel to the sites. It also means that we can highlight better the latest stories on the homepage (stats say most of you don’t navigate past page 2 all that often), and make a bigger spash of featured stories. Some of you will hate it, some of you will love it, and some of you will go “Meh”. That’s OK. Feel free to build your own network of sites if you think you can do better. =]

I’ve got 99 problems, but IE6 ain’t one.

IE6? Nope. Sorry. Upgrade to a better browser. IE7? Better, but don’t expect everything to work flawlessly. IE8? Bonza, you should see everything OK. FireFox/Safari/Chrome? Good work – you get to see all the bells and whistles that having a modern browser brings (IE9 will catch up later this year).

I’m sure there will be a few teething problems – no launch is ever flawless (I’m looking at you, Digg) – if it’s something major, send us an email, or chime in on the forums. Just remember, if it looks broken – a) it probably is, b) we probably know about it already, and most importantly c) it’s not the end of the world. Go have a cup of tea and it’ll probably be fixed when you get back (sometimes you might have to take a day to drink that tea!).

Otherwise, enjoy. More exclusives, news and reviews (and sites) coming your way in the very near future…


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