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Donate To Help KMN Improve

The Kitana Media Network has opened up a donate initiative in a bid to improve the service we provide the fans. Currently the sites are running off servers hosted by a 3rd party, an option taken after being unable to maintain the sites on the previous servers. Fans were used to seeing WENB and FSB consistently being taking offline at peak times, and sometimes for even longer.

The change to allow SG to cover hosting has meant more robust servers to cope with the traffic, but unfortunately less say on things likes ads. It’s something we’ve always tried to stay away from, and with this initiative we hope to return to that utopia. With our contract ending this September, we aim to raise enough money to purchase the most reliable servers which we solely own. It’s important for us to keep our identity and have our own hosting, but not possible without some help.

But it’s not only about owning the servers and less ads. If the donations are successful the extra money contributed by the fans will be used to make KMN a better service. That could mean more attendees to games shows abroad, or even better podcast equipment – the possibilities are huge.

Our main aim is to have a bigger, better service for the fans by September 2010. If you want that too, and have some change lying around, then please donate to help us achieve our target. After spending so much time and money on the site for nearly 3 years, without ever making a penny, we hope the fans can help us and make sure the creators of KMN can fund the sites for many years to come.


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