About us

The Kitana Media Network is a Gaming/Entertainment based blog network that aims to bring you the latest news and information  before its even whispered. Started in 2007 with the initiation of the Winning Eleven Blog catering to the cult following of the Pro Evolution Soccer/Winning Eleven series, the network has since expanded to include the FIFA Soccer Blog with two other blogs launching over the next few months.

The Kitana Media Network (KMN) prides itself on providing the latest uncensored news, unfiltered and raw. Afterall the truth will set you free! KMN bloggers aren’t given any rules and get their information from a wide variety of reliable sources in the business. We also love to correct our mistakes when we rarely make them! We allow all our writers the freedom of speech, thus all their opinions are their own. Don’t agree? Leave a comment and stir it up a little!

Think you have a great idea for a blog? Let the management team know what you’re passionate about and we’ll examine all avenues in order to accomodate. After all the world needs more blogs!